mental health

Kirsty’s birthday tomorrow

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week & tomorrow it’s Kirsty’s birthday. My best friend who so many of us lost that day when the world became too much, Losing Kirsty. Pick up the phone this week, ask someone if they are ok & mean it, tell someone you love them.

Tomorrow it’s your birthday

I so wish you were here

Even if I could just see your face

Just one time every year

Kirsty how I miss you

Every single day

I hope you’re up in heaven

Listening as I say

You are one special lady

My Angel, my best friend

I love you more than anything

And all my love I send

So tomorrow I will raise a glass

Toast all my memories with you

Because the tears I shed today

I know are nothing new

You are still my bestie

Forever in my heart

I’ll keep my guardian Angel chain

And know we’ll never be apart

Thank you Kirsty for all the wonderful friends you have now brought into my life, Christine & Tony, Lydia, Alex P & the rest of the Jennings family, Raymie, Christian & Sara. And thank you for helping me each day to appreciate my family & friends more. Alex, Lydia & Jess you have been my world this last year & I couldn’t get through each day without you. Love you all so much xx


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