mental health

Being interviewed by Toby Foster on BBC Radio Sheffield for Mental Health Awareness Week

On Friday I got the amazing pleasure of attending BBC radio Sheffield. A pre-record interview with Toby Foster was arranged & I was so excited. There are many reasons for this:

  • I love raising awareness about mental health
  • I was getting to share my story
  • I love Toby Foster
  • I am the biggest Phoenix Nights fan
  • I got a chance to talk about my National Diversity Award

My sister Rebecca came with me because I was so nervous. She was so supportive & let me know everything would be fine. She also listened to me replay the interview out about a million times on the way home. Usually I’d have had to do this alone in my own head. She just listened it was so nice to rant.

Toby was lovely. They say never meet your hero’s or people that you are huge fans of, well thought did & he was so supportive. I was put at ease straight away. I was offered a cup of tea, explained how everything work & sat in awe at my first time in a radio station, speaking into the large microphone.

Toby managed to make it feel like a chat, not a quiz or a challenge, or being caught out. He was genuinely interested in my journey, my blogs & award nominations. Having 2 kids himself, he was always considerate when asking about the effect on them. I loved it & it flew by. You can listen to the interview here. There’s 2 spectate parts

Here’s the jar I talked about in my interview.

At our karate event this weekend

I then asked for a selfie! Obviously! I’m a cheeky attention seeker at the best of times when I’m in a good place so I had to.

If you listened to the interview or have now and would like to vote I’d be so grateful. I don’t expect to win, but getting to be shortlisted will mean Mental Health will take its place at the National Diversity Awards. You can vote for me as a Positive Role Model in Mental Health here.

Thanks as always for all the support,

Sarah x

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