mental health

Anxiety and the impact a song can make

This afternoon I felt anxious. It wasn’t an overwhelming feeling, but I could feel that change in my head. I couldn’t work out why. I’ve had a lovely weekend away with my family & some amazing friends. So I headed for a little lay down.

When I woke up we got in the car & as I write this we’re travelling home, probably a 4 hour journey. There had been an accident so we’d had to set off later than we had intended & then it hit, like a brick, everything once, as I was feeling like it the song came on & every word felt like me Shawn Mendes It isn’t in my blood

Millie starts her SATs tomorrow, 3 days that she needs good sleep (and we’re going to get home late, so of course I’m now thinking I’m the worst mum in the world)

  • I feel so safe when I’m with Nigel & the girls. I’m a little worried about separation anxiety after being looked after all weekend
  • Tomorrow my pre-record interview might be on the Radio which I loved, but it’s still nerve wracking to wait & hear what everyone thinks

And then the mole hills become mountains:

  • School uniforms? Have I ironed them all?
  • I haven’t re-ordered my travel pass, so I need to get cash out to get to work tomorrow
  • I need to stay calm for Millie
  • I need to be organised on her behalf

All of these things I have 2 options:

  • I can’t change it so I need to accept it & manage it
  • The other “little problems” I can solve

So with only driving an hour I’ve already put some plans into place for the things I can impact. A simple song came on the radio once again & had once again changed my thinking, but for the better This is Me “The Greatest Showman”

Music is so powerful so my next blog is going to explain what I mean & I will share some of my favourites & what they mean to me.

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