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Medication when the Scripts aren’t there

So today I’ve blogged a lot, but today is the 5th time in 9 weeks that my medication hasn’t been ready, or lost or forgotten. And tonight I needed it.

I’ve had problems remembering to take them, to order them, to recall the dosage amounts & then remember later if I’ve took them or not. I tried a pill box

I ended up confused and taking too many, not on purpose or with suicidal intention, but ended up in hospital, I blogged about it here.

In hospital in the early hours of Mother’s Day 2018

So now my husband, my GP, Psychiatrist & CPN sort my medication. And I seem to slip through the net so frequently. They’ve changed it & I can cope, but when a prescription is forgotten, a doctor hasn’t rung or written a prescription that has gone missing, a prescription never written or been sent to the wrong pharmacist, I wonder how & why?! Is it just me?

Scare tactics are used to make sure I don’t just stop, like I might have a seizure or become suicidal if I stop taking them, so that I follow my order but when it goes missing, or it’s forgotten, I spend hours wondering & panicking if it will be sorted, is my body being impacted, am I going to have a seizure.

I would never blame anyone, I’m not in the blame culture. There’s computer errors, reminders change, too many people in the chain that can drop the ball. But I worry every time I make a tiny mistake, let the kids not taking boiled eggs into school for Easter, forgetting a birthday or being late for a work meeting. Yet none of these have real health consequences. It’s not life & death but for someone with borderline personality disorder it feels like it.

I needed to vent & rant without blaming the lovely receptionist who is now hoping I’ll be ok until tomorrow without my meds, but in the long-term, this is an issue that needs to be addressed. I can understand the vulnerable patients cannot just be handed monthly prescriptions, but when your down to your last tablet & someone forgot a prescription, it’s not helpful. Not helpful at all.

Let’s hope there’s a good boxset to watch tonight, all recommendations welcome

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