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New role: new hours

Today felt scary, I’ve built up to the fact that I could no longer handle full-time hours & that I was dropping to 20 hours per week. Due to my job this meant a change of role. But I got up this morning, waved the kids off to school & headed to work for my first day as a part-timer.

I’ve haven’t worked part-time for a long time, even when I first had my girls it was often not an option. Over the last few weeks it has been recommended by my psychiatrist, my CPN & my GP & last week I was offered an opportunity by my amazing work place & took it.

What is so amazing is that my work continually support me in any way they can, to allow me to continue working, but in a way in which I can spend more time focusing on my recovery.

Having built up today in my head as a big deal, I made sure I was on time for my new hours. I was ready for the questions and prepared myself to answer that I just needed to be part-time. I needed time to recover each week. However. I walked into a power cut & we were all sent to work from home. So I’m fortunate that today I shared a post to clarify my new role & hours on our work internal website & will tomorrow, head into work with hopefully a little less anxiety.

If you suffer from any mental health, or illness or are a working mum, please share your comments on if or how you balance your work with kids, medical appointments, feeling a sense of work satisfaction and stimulation, a level of self care, self worth etc.

I’m always keen to learn & share & I am excited to try working part-time, along side more time for my recovery & my family. Hopefully making me a better mum, which is still aim number 1!

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