Done my bit this week with raising awareness for the cause

Starting on Sunday night my excitement started with a nomination… for a Positive Role Model in the National Diversity Awards. You can still vote for me here

On Monday I was phoned to say I’d be intereview Tuesday for Sheffield live, I was so excited & nervous.

Tuesday I was interviewed & it went out on Wednesday you can watch it here

Wednesday I had a great & positive meeting with me new Psychiatrist.

Today I’ve driven an almost 300 mile trip to take part in a clinical trial for Borderline Personality Disorder, playing games & answering questionnaires & re-living my mental health history.

Looking forward to nothing this weekend as I have to prepare for my sisters hen do. It’s been a bit all or nothing this week (just like me) but I feel ive achieved something, raised some awareness & helped in future treatment.

In between all that I worked all week just taking a half day holiday today for my trip to go to Oxford. It’s been a good week!

I’m sure I’ll get round to blogging about them all but for now it’s family time!

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