My first interview on Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder Awareness for SheffieldLive

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Azz from SheffieldLive I was so nervous I took a friend & colleague, Radhika, along in the rain to the workstation. It was amazing just to have the support of a friend and not be alone. I was clearly beginning to feel anxious.

Once inside I met Azz & he put me at ease immediately, asking me which was my better side, to which I replied, none! Not to put myself down, but because I don’t know! If anyone does ever notice my better side, please let me know. Apparently this is helpful to know!

The interview was originally planned to take place on the rooftop of which has beautiful views. In fact, Good Things Foundation , where I work as an Executive Assistant to our amazing CEO, Helen Milner, was based at the workstation only a couple of years ago. But the weather had other ideas so I was interviewed in their studio.

Azz asked me before the camera began rolling about my condition & my aims in speaking out, as well as how I felt about my recent nomination.

You can watch my interview here with Azz at Sheffield Live!

And there’s still time to vote for me here if you want to for the National Diversity Awards as a Positive Role Model in Disability with my mental Health

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