The Girls Weekend was my latest therapy & sparkle

I had sensibly planned to spend my mums anniversary with my besties!

Jess had agreed to accommodate us, Alex travelled down from Stobo on the Scottish Borders & Lydia travelled up from London. I have had a blast. I’ve been anxious several times over the weekend but they all knew, allowed me to be honest & didn’t judge me when I didn’t get up or ready on time. Everything was calm (ish) with no pressure.

Friday night we headed to Jess’ local pub The Cadeby where we had a great time raising a toast to my mum with prosecco, chambord & pizzas!

We then shared funny stories about missing loved ones. I don’t mean morbid or mean moments, but silly things my mum said in her last few days. We soon decided on enough talk of death & headed back to the house for a few Cheeky Vimto’s & some old school music and dancing. I will not share the videos. I had fun, I maybe had more to drink than usual but the 4 of us laughed & danced & talked til 3am. It was my therapy. I felt happy. So happy.

Alex & me

The next morning I was anxious. I don’t drink often any more so that hadn’t helped & we were heading off out for a friends birthday in Sheffield. All wearing Boohoo

I struggled for the first couple of hours with the hustle & bustle, but after a lovely meal, I had relaxed & we headed off to Kuckoo for some amazing cocktails

After a couple more drinks we headed home & I had a great nights sleep having had too many drinks.

What can I say? I nearly cancelled attending about 46,000 times, I had nothing to wear & didn’t buy anything new. I went into town with people on a Saturday afternoon/ night. I met & stayed with people I didn’t know that well & I mostly had fun.

It was sad to say goodbye this morning but I’m fortunate enough to be seeing all of them within the next 2 weeks! Sometimes we can go months!

I want to thank all of them for the patience, listening to my ridiculous rants & vents & always checking I was comfortable with what we were doing. Not once did I feel judged or a hindrance.

I am feeling better (I’m in bed now through pure exhaustion). I can no longer handle 2 late nights, but I love these girls. And it was Kirsty who brought Lydia into our group, who I love, adore & would trust with my life.

Me & Lydia

Sometimes getting out of bed is the best you can manage, but when you are well, try to push yourself sometimes, you might end up enjoying it! Love you ladies & thank you ❤️ & I think I even found a bit of my sparkle this weekend!

Jess & me

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