Getting to know me more

I’ve seen this onAshleigh’s blogs which I love & she was tagged by Discovering Your Happiness for Get To Know Me Tag, a chance to get to know our fellow bloggers a little bit better.  So let’s just get right to it!  And to put a bit of a twist on it, I’m going to try to use an emoji for every answer.

• What are my strengths?

My kids, they provide me with strength on days I can’t find it. A personal strength is possibly empathy 😍

• What are my short term goals?

To become healthier, eating & fitness wise

• What are my long term goals?

To make a positive impact on the stigma & treatment of those with mental health illness

• Who matters the most to me?

My children, I’m fortunate to have 2 beautiful daughters & a supportive husband who gets more supportive every day

• What am I ashamed of?

My failures, making mistakes, letting people down, my kids seeing me when I’m anxious or sad

• What do I like to do for fun?

Playing board games with the kids, films when I can zone out & after this weekend especially, spending time with my friends, laughing

• What new activities am I willing to try?

I keep saying I’m going to do a sky dive with Kirsty’s mum and raise money for Sobs

• What am I worried about?

For too much to to mention here but mostly letting down my girls

• What are my values?

That my kids need to come first, always

• If I had one wish, it would be…?

To start DBT now instead of being on a 2 year waiting list as I think this will help me to be a better mum

• Where do I feel the safest?

On my sofa at home under my Disney blanket

• What or who gives me comfort?

My daughters, my husband & my friends

• If I was afraid, I would…?

Not leave my sofa

• What is my proudest accomplishment?

My daughters

• Am I a night owl or early bird?

I have a bad relationship with sleep, too much or none. So I can be both without warning or reason

• What does my inner critic tell me?

That I’m not enough & I won’t ever get “well”

• What do I do to show my self, self-care?

My hair & now my nails again

• Am I an introvert or extrovert?

Again, with a personality disorder I can be both, but generally I prefer to be at home with my slippers on just with my little family

• What am I passionate about?

Helping others who suffer with mental health illness & I’m very passionate about trying to get better

• What do my dreams tell me?

Nothing but they are very random & vivid

• What is my favourite non-fiction book?

Probably Fearne Cotton Happy & I’m looking forward to Calm

• What is my favourite fiction book?

I love all Mark Billlingham’s books on Thorne (just bought 3 more). Can’t beat a crime thriller

• What is my favourite movie?

Deadpool! I love marvel & it’s not long for Deadpool 2 – Yey!

• What is my favourite band?

Probably the original 90’s Take That, even though I still go to see them now as 3. But I also love Rudimental & Clean Bandit

• What is my favourite food?


• What is my favourite colour?


• What am I grateful for?

My kids

• When I am feeling down, I like to?

Zone out to a film or read a book

• I know I am stressed when?

I talk quickly, eat a lot more junk & can’t think clearly. I get my “cloudy head”

I hope you know more about me now. Give it a go if you like x

7 thoughts on “Getting to know me more”

  1. Great answers! Parts of the Deadpool movies were filmed where I live (Vancouver, Canada) and I remember being annoyed during the filming of the first one because it meant having to take a detour on my drive home from work. Still haven’t gotten around to seeing the movies though

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  2. Thank you for your insight into how you feel.
    I can identify with all your feelings of anxiety , stress etc.
    I have just started a new job in a dentist for 16 hours a week. I am finding it hard to keep calm at work, do you have any tips .
    I would be eternally grateful for any advice you are able to offer.

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    1. Awww thanks Debbie. Sadly I’m still working on those skills myself. I find slow breathing, I learnt from one of the many apps, helps me sometimes. It’s so hard though, especially with a new job. My biggest tip is doing something between work hours you find calming, whether that’s a nap, funny film, reading or writing, just self care time between work x


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