Borderline Personality Disorder

Planned and ready for Home and avoiding the holiday blues

So today we head home, back to England & I’m sure everyone gets a little holiday blues. You’re looking forward to your own bed and a “proper brew” but also sad to be leaving the bubble of bliss, warmth, carefree week or 3 behind.

I usually dip terribly after a holiday & that dip at the end of the rollercoaster can last weeks before I find a new focus. So having had some help before I came from my CPN & support from my HR department at work, this time I’m doing it differently.

My tips (they might not work for you)

  • I’m heading straight back to work. I’m fortunate that I love my job, but also I think the extra day I often give myself off to “unpack & organise” turns into a pity party of me laying around sad that I’m at home. So I’m back off to work on Tuesday as we arrive back in the UK on Monday
  • I’ve planned to stay up a little later on Monday by getting my nails refreshed so I won’t be tempted to sleep during the day. I’ll just deal with jet-lag as it happens. Plus a little pampering on the day I arrive home won’t hurt, I’m sure Claire at Claire’s Nails would agree
  • I’ve booked some time with my friends for my first weekend back. So 4 of us, Alex, Lydia & myself are staying at Jess’s house for the weekend. I know this will be good therapy for me & I also know if I try to cancel they won’t let me!
  • I’ve booked appointments with my CPN & GP (my CPN often reads my blogs so she knows where I’m at Emotionally) so I have support if I need it
  • I also have meetings booked in with my HR & managers at work as they are so supportive but I want to go back with this clean slate & the version of ME I have loved being here, shaping my own future

I’m also trying, & I know this can be hard, but to think of the incredible memories we have made this holiday & I’m not trying to think about the next one. I feel so blessed at things we’ve done, seen & experiences & I want to take time enjoying those memories. In the past I’ve wasted the last 2 days worrying about going home & never really enjoyed the memories.

Finally I’ve used sites like Mind Distraction Technique’s so that I have things to distract me as & when a dip may come & however much preparation you do sometimes it just happens & it’s out of your control

One final thing I’ve learnt here, was my Aunt had found an article in the Herald Tribune, about a project called FACEing mental Illness with an Art project in Sarasota.

I found the link here FACEing Mental Illness If we had had more time I’d have loved to visit the exhibit, but if anyone is aware of anything like this in the Sheffield/ Chesterfield area, please let me know. I’m keen to explore all avenues & outlets to improve my mental health & become more stable for my family & my job.

Here’s to travelling home today, a safe plane trip and then a good cup of Yorkshire Tea tomorrow!

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