Borderline Personality Disorder

Fake it til you make it, I did today and it felt great!

I was dreading today, day 15 but I’d promised a day at Disney Epcot as the girls had characters left to meet on their list. I wasn’t feeling it & missed breakfast. But after a venting blog & 3 cups of tea, I put on my suntan lotion & Minnie Mouse ears (an example of putting lippy on usually) & I faked it. Full of excitement & we headed out!

By lunchtime I was still struggling but determined that the kids still had Pluto & Minnie to meet, I decided it wasn’t about me & zoned out! Sometimes faking it til you make it works, because by the end of the day I was feeling good & had enjoyed the day, the sun & the characters

I particularly enjoyed meeting Baymax from Hero 6. Not only did he make me feel a little skinnier than normal but he was like hugging a giant marshmallow.

I think the Minnie Mouse ears are slightly magical, so you may find me out for a brew or in the office wearing them, like they hold some secret super power (that’s the excuse I’m sticking with!)

Tomorrow will be our final day in Orlando, before heading off to see my Great Aunt in Sarasota.

I also treated the girls to their Disney cuddly toy! They spent all their spending money from family on sports wear & light up trainers.

Here’s to winning today & I think that’s because I chose to.

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