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My tattoos and the lives they represent

I have 4 tattoos, and sadly they are all for those who are no longer with us (excluding my gorgeous daughters who are very much still with us).

I had my first tattoo was on my back in 2011. I have no photos of it & don’t really want to take one. It was definitely in my slimmer days & I knew I’d never regret having my girls names forever. So I have Laila Mai & Millie Grace on my lower back. Separating them are 3 stars, 2 blue, one for my father-in-law Tony, AKA, Umpsy & one for my step Grandad Peter Perry. There’s a middle pink one for my mother-in-law Avril. Sadly all 3 of these had passed away when I had this tattoo

When my mum passed away in April 2015, Losing my mum , it wasn’t long before I’d booked in for my 2nd tattoo. My mum always loved Winnie the Pooh & this was one of my favourite quotes. It was designed by a family friend Amy Roe-Parkin & is still my favourite. It’s on my ribs on my side. The butterflies just remind me of her.

“Keep me in your heart & I’ll stay there forever” – a lovely quote from Winnie the Pooh. It’s written in the shape of a balloon, with the initial M. M for Mum, Mother or Mel.

Then I lost my beautiful kirsty, here’s my blog on those times Losing Kirsty Blog

She was known by her neice & nephew as Auntie Daisy, so Daisy’s became a thing with kirsty. I wanted something bright, but I really wish I had just gone for white petals to make it stand out as a daisy. Her initials KJ make up the stem. But hey I can’t repaint the pink white now can I.

Finally my sisters decided that we were all going to have a variation of an anchor with flowers in joint memory of my mum. Here’s mine

I love this more than anything. I see it all the time & it makes me think of my mum each day. It was however the most painful & I went through so many lollies & I was so wriggly, I don’t know how he managed to do it.

I had all these 3 final tattoos done at Feline Tattoo Studio in Sheffield & I would highly recommend them.

I’m sure I’ll have more in the future but that’s me for now. Next time it will be for me, surviving & getting through each day. I hope one day to get a motto on my wrist, but I’ll know when I find the right positive thinking one that’s right for me. I’ve thought of

  • Everything will be ok
  • Happily ever after
  • Be you
  • You can do this
  • Dream, believe, achieve
  • Live, love, laugh

But I’m sure one will come to me one day. I’m always open to suggestions though!

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