Borderline Personality Disorder

In need of a rest day

So Orlando is amazing but by ‘eck do I need a rest day! Today is day 6 of parks & wow, we haven’t visited half of them yet.

The last 2 days I’ve felt a little anxious & overwhelmed and we’ve done half days, but it’s not been enough respite to my normal life. I’m not sure what to pin it on

  • The crowds, the sheer volume of people
  • The queuing which on one ride, Avatar, was almost 4 hours – again this is time just spent thinking in my own head
  • The kids – I’m sure all kids are the same & they aren’t bad really, but you bring them away & they bicker & moan. I feel so guilty that they too are making me edgy

  • The heat – is generally been 32 each day, which is fine by a pool but not queuing to meet Baloo from jungle book for an hour

  • Or just generally being away from home

I want to chat to my CPN or doctor just to validate that I’ll have bad days. I don’t know whether a day alone in bed is good or not. I just feel so drained, but if I miss a day I think they will miss out or be angry for me not going

I think it’s just a bad few days & I’ll turn it around quickly. Think I just needed to vent it somewhere.

Thanks for listening

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