Borderline Personality Disorder

The calm before the calm

So I thought I’d share a quick blog after my stressful panicked one this morning, I’m ok! Thank you for your text messages, tweets, hugs & general funny jibes! I needed it this morning. Particularly Emma, Charlotte, Sam & Tim who calmed me down for most of the day whilst also taking the Micky (see what I did there… mouse 🇺🇸… Disney)

Today was fine. The child minder saved the day & was able to have my daughter earlier so I could start work earlier. Which meant I got everything I had planned to do fine. And that eased some of the anxiety.

My sister bought me this little gift which is very true. Tea doesn’t solve everything, but it’s often a good start.

Thank you to my amazing colleagues for a great meeting which ran smoothly but was full of inspiring people on a mission to help others gain & improve confidence & better lives through digital skills.

I’m packed, in bed with a hot chocolate & an early alarm. I am ready for the sunshine! I can do this. I’m sure my next post will include the sunshine.., hopefully 🙂

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