Borderline Personality Disorder

Panic All Stations

So today I’m anxious! Really anxious! Scared & nervous! There’s lots of triggers

  • Going away
  • Laila’s kids club starts at 10 when I thought I could get into work for 8pm!
  • Work – there’s a lot to do in one day
  • Work – we have a big meeting today that I can’t follow up with tomorrow
  • Work – I’m going to miss the daily routine
  • Packing & preparing
  • Change of location/ country
  • Travelling
  • Out of control – I won’t be in control of everything
  • I’ll be out of my safe place, my sofa for 3 weeks
  • Will our house-sitters find everything ok
  • I need to clean our house fully
  • Finding all the silly little things that are missing like Minnie Mouse nighties & accessories

It’s so frustrating, my house is full of excited people & all I feel is fear & worry. They are wishing today away & I want to add hours to it & make every minute last twice as long

  • I want to get through today
  • I will get through today
  • I will get everything done on every list
  • Even if I don’t sleep tonight, I will get on that plane tomorrow
  • I won’t let down my girls

I just need an extra day or two to get everything sorted at work! I want to leave it perfect. I don’t want anyone else having to do more work because I didn’t do enough.

I can do this!

2 thoughts on “Panic All Stations”

  1. You can do this! Forget about being perfect like I’ve said before. No one is and it just adds more pressure. Go through you lists, get rid Of The things that aren’t necessary and deligate too. You don’t have to do everything yourself. There’s 3 more people in your family get them to help. If they no it will take that pressure, stress and anxiety away from you I’m sure they’ll help in a flash. Love you. Xx

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