Borderline Personality Disorder

Advice and loving my girls!

Im embarrassing them now on occasions without even realising it.

But every story I read is about how much of a pain they are! I’m the first to whine & moan about their every tantrum, there are times they reduce me to worries & tears, & my god they are hard work. But I have amazing kids & they are my life, my world & everything that keeps them going.

I know that over the next few years they are going to change. So here are all the things they do I love

  • When they tell me they love me
  • When they sneak into my bed in a morning for a cuddle
  • When the tell me they’ve tidied up their room when they haven’t (OK so I don’t love that)
  • When we bake (especially when we get it so it tastes right)
  • When they make me a cup of tea
  • When they ask if they can share the room & I find them cuddled up sleeping, when they have spent the whole day arguing
  • When I prize their tablets off them & catch them reading or colouring & being happy about it
  • When they dance around to whatever Saturday night programme is on tv
  • When they play dress up still
  • When they tell me how much they miss Grandma, Nan, Umpsy & Kirsty
  • When they do chores to “be nice” & then ask for something
  • When I see them just being kids & loving life & not thinking or worrying

They are crazy, funny & crackers & with everything they’ve been through they’ve become so resilient! Love them with all my heart!

Last time we went to Disneyland Paris

Doing the 5K Race for Life with grandma in 2014

With Great Grandma

As little ones

World Book day March 2018

3 girls together

Family at Edinburgh Christmas 2017

My karate kid champions

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