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Holiday packing with anxiety

So I’m a nightmare when it comes to packing wherever we’re going. It could be a weekend in Edinburgh with friends, visiting family in London or a fortnight in Spain, but in the final days leading up to a time I’m going to be away from my own home, I’m a nightmare. Im not as bad if I’m going on my own, but when I want to plan for the kids every eventuality is when the stressed Sarah comes out.

Last years fortnight in Ibiza meant the girls needed a “going out” outfit for all 14 nights, plus a couple of spares. Millie ended up with 20 “dressy” outfits. However on top of this I also plan for the possibility of the snow blizzard in Spain mid June, with enough coats, jeans & jumpers to also survive 2 weeks at the North Pole.

The best were our annual trips for Hogmanay, Stobo on the Scottish Borders. Again not only the wellies & scruffs for dog walks, but the off chance of a heatwave on December 31st requires specialist packing skills.

Then with me you add in

  • Anxiety kit
  • Multiple medications & spares
  • Extra & spare of everything, clothes/ shoes / everything
  • Food & drinks (as nowhere outside Eckington has a shop apparently)
  • Everything has to be ironed & packed & counted & checked

So then we have Florida. The holiday of a lifetime, 3 weeks of what has to be perfect… and do you know what, for the first time ever, I’m not stressed. I’ve found planning & coping strategies!

I rang the hotel & there’s a laundrette in the hotel, iron & ironing board in the room & a Wallmart down the road!

My husband has taken full control of ordering medication, ordering travel money etc and 3 suitcases are now packed ready!

I arranged my sisters to house sit so I won’t worry about the house being empty. I’ve printed every document & tomorrow I’m booked in for my pre-holiday hair!

I’m not saying I won’t have a break down or freak out before we go, but right now, it’s Friday night & it’s time to relax, with the majority of things for our holiday of a lifetime done

5 thoughts on “Holiday packing with anxiety”

  1. Well done Sarah! You did it! I knew you could do it. I wish you could have as much faith in yourself as we do. Have a fantastic time in Florida. Xx

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