Borderline Personality Disorder

Working with a Personality Disorder

I can’t imagine how difficult this can be for most people & in most jobs. In the US just under 10% of the population have a personality disorder, but I can’t find the stats for the UK. Please share this with me if you find it.

But when you find a job you love, a job full of meaning & a organisation that cares & wants to support you, you start to realise how lucky you are.

I work for Good Things Foundation. A charity that helps people to feel more socially included through the power of digital.

Yesterday I gave a presentation on my own condition in a “lightening talk” as part of our Team Meeting. How amazing is that? They actively encourage sharing mental health. I wasn’t put under pressure but I was able to talk about my symptoms & coping strategies. I’ll be honest it took more out of me than I had expected, I had built it up, but I am so glad I did it.

I was so relieved when I finished, but had some great feedback & responses. Some saying that they had issues with mental health illness, others with projects or pilots they were working on that I could be interested in or learn from, & others just keen to learn more about different mental health to be a better work place.

The main points of my presentation were to clarify some of my behaviours & actions.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. Good Things Foundation found me just 3 months before my diagnosis & I really feel like my mum was watching over me. I couldn’t ask or hope for a more supportive organisation who genuinely care for me & my health even after such a short time of being with them.

Here’s to changing lives with Good Things Foundation, including my own.

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