Doing Good Things with English My Way

Last week was my first week being part of a Good Things Foundation campaign. Hearing the stories from the very people we are trying to help is not just humbling, but inspiring.

Hip hip hooray for English My Way

Some of our centres have been celebrating English My Way all over the UK this week, holding events & parties to celebrate the achievements of those who are often most vulnerable. For many men & women this is there first introduction to learning English & I was in awe at those who had since gone on to get jobs or go to college & study further.

I was lucky enough to visit the Zest Centre with our CEO, Helen on Thursday. Just some of the things I’ve heard over last week include:

Because of English My Way I Can Now

  • Speak to my child’s teacher at school

  • I can communicate with the community

  • I can understand my GP

  • I have more confidence

  • I can use the bus

  • I can help my son with his homework

These are people whose lives have changed because they have learnt English at our online centres, with volunteers wanting to help & enhance their community.

On Friday I was able to visit the Learn for Life Enterprise with our new Digital Inclusion Officer, Emma Barson. Again we were so inspired by not only the volunteers but the people, those who could now play football, watch films & just begin to do more.

English My Way really does change lives & is so important. I felt so lucky to be a part of not just Good Things Foundation but proud that even the admin work I do plays a part in changing lives. Our Centre’s do an amazing job & the volunteers who teach the courses are just incredible.

We finished the week with our own office party! Let’s keep up the momentum now & keep helping others learn English

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