Self care has to be a priority on the road to recovery

My CPN, Clinical Psychiatric Nurse recommended having a box at home when I’m feeling low, anxious, agitated, depressed or any other mood extreme. I started it a while ago, but having had a bad day that day I got it out again to try & use some of the coping mechanisms. As a busy working mum, we never have time to “self-care” & it can feel selfish when there is a never ending “To do” list, but it really does give me a pick me up if and when I make time!

Mine is an ever evolving box & I’m determined to get a pretty bright basket rather than this dull cardboard box, but the usefulness is the same.

It’s a physical action I seek out to get some self care. Tonight I decided to colour. For me when I can’t sit still or switch off, colouring just distracts me & focuses me on something else. It slows me down & my “cloudy head”.

Currently residing in my box is some pamper treatments from a mini facial, nail varnish & some creams. I have to be feeling low to paint my nails, not agitated as the concentration needed to paint my nails is intense & I rarely have that level when I’m anxious, but it’s good when I’m in a low mood.

I need to replace the candle, as I constantly have one on the go. Treating my senses with smells & lotions can be useful too. I’m on the look out to add some fluffy socks & chocolates (when I can resist them) too.

I have a special cup, bought for me by one of my best friends Alex, which my girls love to make me a drink in when I’m down, especially when they see on I’m on the sofa under their fleece Disney blankets! This is my safe place. Its where I feel at my most relaxed. It’s great for a while, but I can’t stay there for too long as hours can turn into days.

Today I cried, I worried & I felt overwhelmed. Thinking now I can recognise some of the triggers which may have started it off, but I couldn’t tell you why this morning was so much harder than yesterday, it just was.

So today I asked for help, I reached out & I survived. Tomorrow is a new day & I’m ready to try again!

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